About Home Euthanasia Services

The end of any lifetime is unique. Sometimes our companion animals are fortunate enough to pass peacefully without significant pain or stress. Other times the process can be long and individuals can experience significant discomfort. This is when euthanasia can be the last, best gift you can give your pet. We specialize in helping the process be as private and peaceful as possible.

While many pet owners have a close relationship with their regular veterinarian, sometimes the veterinary clinic is not the best place to say "good bye." Most animals are much more relaxed in an environment that feels safe, and has been a place of comfort for most of their lives. In addition, transporting some animals when they are sick can represent a significant challenge.

During a euthanasia consult, we can review the medical history and do a thorough physical exam to assure you’re well informed and that euthanasia is what you want for your pet. If you decide to go forward, we typically give a sedative or tranquilizer to make the patient comfortable. Once sedated, an overdose of anesthetic drug is administered to stop the body’s functions.

Care Of Remains

If needed, we can handle care of remains after an animal passes at home. We utilize the services of Koefran Services, a crematory that provides private or communal cremations. In a communal cremation, animals are cremated together and their ashes are spread on private property owned by the crematory. When animals are cared for privately they are cremated by themselves and their ashes are returned to the owner.

If owners elect to make their own plans for disposition we can provide short term storage with transport.

About Home Hospice Service

We define hospice care as the medical management of the terminally ill patient. This means we strive to maintain good quality of life for as long as possible, without regular trips to a hospital. As individuals decline, our goal is to minimize pain and stress for both pets and their owners. It is important that owners recognize that once they enter into hospice care they have elected to no longer pursue curing their animal’s diseases but rather are focusing on patient comfort.   The decision to enter into a hospice care plan can only be made once an owner has consulted their regular veterinarian and carefully considered all the treatment options.

Once you have decided that hospice care is right for your pet, we can arrange a monitoring and treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.  Our doctors will make regular visits to your home to monitor your pet’s condition and work with you to determine the best ways to make your patient comfortable. Our compassionate support staff makes house calls to administer treatments or care that owners have difficulty with. Our team is dedicated to helping you through this most difficult time.